It’s a no-brainer. AI. Data access is not the same as understanding.

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There are certain motor functions of the body that might be repaired by AI, but thinking and learning are out. No dice. Ditto for transcendent godlike wisdom and enlightenment. Forget it.

All the so-called Singularity bullshit is just that. We aren’t approaching a moment when brains and computers will merge. It’s not happening.

Pavlov-type crude stuff is possible. But it always was. You can send signals into the brain and cause people to do things BY FORCE. Just like you can achieve that via blows with a hammer to the head.

No one is going to download 16 tons of information from AI into his brain. No one is going to suddenly know how to play the piano or mix cocktails or ski down Swiss slopes.

No one is going to feel a mighty influx of knowledge like a Niagara and become Zeus.

The connections between the brain and AI aren’t there. Those intricate pathways don’t exist. They’re a fiction. A hustle.

KNOWING isn’t electronic or magnetic or photonic or algorithmic or digital.

Yes, you can pump a trillion impulses into the brain, but you don’t achieve anything, except injury and destruction.

Let’s say some programmer digitizes the Oxford Dictionary as a set of signals and delivers it to your brain. Does this mean you suddenly know the meaning of every word in the English language?

Are you kidding?

The brain is not a teacher.

The brain doesn’t KNOW.

Many people believe it does know; and they’re just going to have to wait for AI to pump them full of data, in order to find out they don’t get smarter, they don’t learn anything. They don’t achieve illumination.

They might achieve a trip to the ER for desperation surgery, but that’s about it…

John Rappoport