Ireland Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Farting Cows to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’

Jim Holt – The Gateway Pundit June 2, 2023

While you were sleeping the globalist fanatics went after your food supplies.

The globalist movement is targeting food production in the West. And, of course, the crooked officials are glad to assist.

Government officials in The Netherlands, a major European food producer, shut down 3,000 productive farms to comply with global warming goals in November.

In December Germany order farmers to slash fertilizer after the Dutch farms were shut down to comply with global warming standards.

And this week Irish lawmakers are pushing a plan to kill off 200,000 cows to reach their global warming goals.

Farm World reported:

The Irish government is considering an initiative to significantly reduce the number of dairy cows in order to reach its climate change targets.

A target of reducing emissions from farming in Ireland by a quarter by 2030 has been set by government.

One proposal to achieve this is by reducing the national dairy herd by 10%, the equivalent of removing 65,000 cows a year for three years, according to the Irish Independent.

Minister for agriculture Charlie McConalogue told Irish radio station RTE Morning Ireland that a dairy vision group with farmer representatives has been looking into a range of options to reduce emissions on farm.

The Irish Department of Agriculture responded to the reports.
Via The Irish Mirror:
The Department for Agriculture has said a report outlining a 200,000 reduction in dairy cows was a “modelling document”.

It was reported yesterday the cows would have to be “culled” at a cost of €600,000 to taxpayers over the next three years to meet climate emissions targets.

The Farming Independent said it got the figures in its report from an internal document through a freedom of information request.



3 Responses to “Ireland Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Farting Cows to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’”

  1. Gordon says:

    What is it with people at the top that want to kill and destroy all the time, they are out of their minds. Crazy folk with mad ideas.

    There wasn’t a problem with global warming when millions of farting Bison roamed the Prairies but they slaughtered them anyway.

  2. Chris x says:

    Control the food and they control the people. Universal basic income, central bank digital currencies, banning cash, 15 minute cities, banning petrol and diesel cars etc.

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise this is planned and that the globalists want us as serfs. Next year, the average UK person (sheep) will vote for either Tory Sunak (WEF) or Labour Starmer (Trilateral commission) and think the country will improve.