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House sales to be regulated

The Dutch government was successful in taking about 3,000 farms, removing livelihoods and reducing the food supply, and now they want to take over private homes, too. The Housing Act will allow municipalities to force homeowners to sell their homes ONLY to people with a lower to middle income if the value of the home is less than €355,000 ($400,000 USD).

People who own cheaper homes will not be able to benefit from market value as equity will be capped, while wealthy people can continue to benefit from appreciation.

Research shows that preventing investors from buying rental homes will drive housing prices UP and the cost of rent, too. It is a shocking power grab in the year 2023.

Last year, Blackstone bought up (meaning ‘invested’) billions (?) in homes in the Netherlands and own 117,000 houses in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands.

After Taking Farms, the Dutch Government Is Now Dictating Who Can Buy Homes and the Price (needtoknow.news)


2 Responses to “House sales to be regulated”

  1. Chris x says:

    It seems that Europe is heading over the cliff, with its citizens incapable of saying No to the globalist banker puppets.

  2. ian says:

    Do Vot vee say, not vot vee do.