Hello Stranger

I invited a Teds supporter to join me at a Starbucks today to meet another one.

I received a call from Ted office saying there were two different people calling in, asking if my ‘meeting’ had been cancelled.  One of these was the invitee who went to the wrong Starbucks despite the invitation being totally clear which was the one intended.  Oh well!  We all make mistakes.  He gave his name.

But then who the hell was the other one?

He sounded rushed apparently and refused to give a name, and his phone gave no ID.

Why did this mystery uninvited guest also go to the wrong Starbucks?

Obviously tracking the guest.

MI5 can’t get the staff any more, it seems, just like everyone else!

Probably a ‘bomber’ said Ted Office, whatever that means.

The invited guest waited for an hour in the wrong Starbucks then went back to work.

Let’s hope our next ‘meeting’ is not quite so exciting.

I chatted with the other guest for three hours at the correct Starbucks in case anyone showed up, but as far as we know, no one did.

Strange morning.



2 Responses to “Hello Stranger”

  1. ian says:

    You’ve obviously got them “curious”, at the very least, and likely concerned.

  2. Chris x says:

    They don’t want people wandering out of the LibLabCon field and looking for a new pasture.