3 Responses to “GLASTONBURY MASS SLAVE OBEDIENCE / HUGO TALKS……… suggested by Gordon.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Its surprising that Putrid Rock Fossil Elton is still around.


    A remnant or trace of an organism of a past geologic age, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint, embedded and preserved in the earth’s crust.

    One that is outdated or antiquated.

    A word or morpheme that is used only in certain restricted contexts, as kempt in unkempt, but is otherwise obsolete.

    • Gordon says:

      Never did liked him or his music.
      It was said yesterday that people are waking up to what’s happening in the world but when I see the likes of Glastonbury I sometimes wonder.

  2. ian says:

    I understand what Hugo is saying, but I feel that it also serves the purpose of redirecting the meaning of the all seeing eye and the pyramid etc, it will, by most present at the event, now be associated with the event, rather than the illuminate, thus reducing wakeup. I personally, and I know I’m the minority, feel that they are very practical, more than spiritual, and use ceremony more to compromise their servants via child sacrifice etc. Oh and Sov’, I had to look up morpheme, I thought it was summit you got for pain. lol.