Following Failure In Ukraine Ben Wallace Tipped For NATO Top Job

After handing over £billions of British equipment to the proxy force in Kiev Ben Wallace went to great lengths to strong arm Germany into handing over their Leopard tanks.

UK urges Germany to gift Leopard tanks to Ukraine –

“After discussions with the United States and our European allies, it is hoped that the example set by the French and us will allow those countries holding Leopard tanks to donate as well,” Wallace said. “I know there are a number of countries wanting to do the same — no one is going at it alone.

“I would urge my German colleagues to do that. These tanks are not offensive when they are used for defensive methods,” he added.

In the end Zelensky’s wishes were granted but that isnt working out too well with the ill prepared Ukrainian military ,their equipment and training being fed into the Russian meat grinder.  Predictably losing the unequal battle generations of men many of them pressganged, wasted for nought.


video Russian MOD

Inquiring minds would like to know for what purpose this slaughter is conducted ?

Ben Wallace bears responsibility and the public deserve answers for the £billion(s) wasted, the environmental catastrophe and lives ruined or lost

video Russian MOD


Ben Wallace pictured flying a defaced Union Jack

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Troops Left Stranded – Nice one Ben I’ll wager that boosted morale

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3 Responses to “Following Failure In Ukraine Ben Wallace Tipped For NATO Top Job”

  1. ian says:

    Being 100% easily controllable is a great asset in Government jobs.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Take that flag off his jacket. He no more cares for British people than Ghengis Khan. This is why we must get out of the UK. English Independence is the only way to remove world government stooges like Wallace and re-establish truth and justice. War criminals are treated like saints by our media, but we know what they are.

  3. Belyi says:

    He sounds like the ideal candidate for such a fake organisation.