4 Responses to “Farage: Why I might be FORCED to leave the UK.”

  1. danceaway says:


    A Bank Error in Your Favour? On the Financial Deplatforming of Nigel Farage

  2. ian says:

    All I’ll say on this, and I’m not attacking him, is that this is bad enough, but at least there’s cash. Imagine if it had been CBDC. He’d have nothing. People can’t see what’s coming.

  3. Chris x says:

    The UK is looking more like a banana republic than a first world country. Remember the police stormtroopers fining two women for going for a walk with a coffee?

    They tried to assassinate Farage in 2016 by loosening the wheel nuts on his car, with one coming off on a French motorway.


    • ian says:

      They’re showing their true colours Chris. They’ve killed quite a few over the years.