– The Sun: Wagner Boss says invasion of Ukraine is based on lies as he condemns Military leaders (Yevgeny Prigozhin statement video)
– CNN: Furious Wagner chief accuses Russia of killing his forces and vows revenge
– Putin’s statement on Prigozhin and Wagner (Full text & video)
– Independent: Wagner chief will ‘leave Russia and move to Belarus’ as part of deal to withdraw troops from Russia
– Pravada: Images of helicopter allegedly downed by Wagner Group shared on Russian social media
– Kyiv Independent: Ukraine’s Air Force: Wagner mercenaries down 6 Russian army helicopters, 1 plane on June 24
– ILRUSSO: The United States expected an attempted armed insurrection in Russia to be “more brutal and bloody,” CNN reported, quoting a senior official
– Criminal case against Prigozhin to be dropped — Kremlin
– TASS: Criminal case against Prigozhin to be dropped
– Dmitry Peskov told reporters:
“You will ask me what will happen to Prigozhin himself. A criminal case against him will be dropped, while he will go to Belarus…”
– A Son of the New American Revolution: Russia’s Academy Award Winning Performance For Best Coup, Prigozhin Scores Best Actor
– Vanessa Beeley on Telegram: A little selection of Five Eyes media hyperbole amplified by Ukonazi media
– Wikipedia: Wagner Group and Yevgeny Prigozhin
– The Atlantic: Russia Slides Into Civil War
– Spoof comparison
– Inessa S: While the “civil war” was failing, the Scarlet Sails open air event took place in St Petersburg
– Syria: The Russian air force has conducted several airstrikes against Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) positions in Bzabor
– In its continuous response to the terrorist escalation in the north, Russian warplanes and Syrian Arab Army artillery targeted terrorist positions in Al-Ghab Plain
– Press TV: Top US general calls off planned trip to Israel, Jordan in wake of Russia’s Wagner affair
– Tobias Ellwood’s take on current events:
“Now more than ever, Putin’s weaknesses stand exposed. His once mighty fortress appears on the brink of collapse.”