Failed counteroffensive of Ukraine, Rasmussen-NATO countries may enter Ukraine, Europe on its knees

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2 Responses to “Failed counteroffensive of Ukraine, Rasmussen-NATO countries may enter Ukraine, Europe on its knees”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Not all reports agree. Itapirkanmaa2
    8 hours ago
    “⚡️Urgent⚡️APU tanks are advancing south of Malaya Tokmachka⚡️

    Sources of the 👉wargonzo project in the Zaporizhia direction report that now, south of Malaya Tokmachka, Ukrainian Armed Forces tanks are attacking our positions.

    Also, disturbing information comes from another section of the Zaporozhye front.

    By nightfall, on the Orekhov-Tokmak direction, the artillery power of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had increased significantly. For several hours, strikes have been continuously carried out on the areas of deployment of our troops.

    The enemy is clearly trying to wipe out our fortifications with artillery, since he went on the offensive twice in a day, but both times he was thrown back. Now, apparently, the enemy expects to pass through the ruins.

    Our guys are holding on, but the situation is heating up.”


  2. Tapestry says:

    9 hours ago
    The classic WWII style massed battles are now on. This is the ultimate big sandbox of all past wargames!
    How much does the modern information war affect the old “trenches and tanks” thinking?

    “The battle on the Zaporozhye front continues: after a massive artillery preparation, the columns of enemy equipment began to move
    ▪️Near Orekhovo, after the failure of the offensive, the enemy conducted massive fire on the front for several hours.
    ▪️Now the columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun to move towards our positions again.
    The guys are ready to give them a warm welcome again.” (Masno)