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Eustace Mullins – Advice For The BBC

In her latest toxic BBC propaganda hit piece targetting The Lightpaper delightful BBC head girl Marianna Spring made the ridiculous assertion that author and historian Eustace Mullins was a “white supremacist”.

Note here how the devious Spring tries to attach the disinfo label “holocaust denier” to Mullins and drags up the ghost of Hitler for effect.

Quote Marianna Spring

“The paper has featured an article by a blogger called Lasha Darkmoon, saying that people should be able to question the Holocaust. And another article recommended a book by white supremacist Eustace Mullins – author of The Biological Jew and Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation. Mullins is referred to in the Light as a “renowned” author.”

Presumably Eustace Mullins RIP is also on the BBC’s hit list, alas Mullins is not here to defend himself or sue the BBC for libel.

Quote Eustace Mullins. Ouch ! Video below

“The big job of the criminals is to keep the truth from the people”

“They flood you with disinformation”

“Most of the stuff you get in the press is absolute lies”

Did he hit raw BBC nerves ?

I remind Marianna Spring of the final speech of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and ask why the BBC are to this day promoting the “far right” Nazi “social justice” policy and pipedream of global government.

source https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/znbrpg8/articles/z42khbk




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  1. ian says:

    I’ve snaffled the Eustice Mullins video Sov’. Love the guy.