Enshrine informed consent and bodily autonomy – RFK Jnr

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Zoom with RFK, Jr and a group of experts who discuss the deep reforms needed in US health policies and agencies

Deep Reform: RFK, Jr. to host Health Policy Roundtable — Online, Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 7:00 pm ET


What is needed to turn around our country’s health policies so they actually improve our health and life expectancy? How do we get there?

What is needed to enshrine informed consent and bodily autonomy in the way we do healthcare? Bobby can do much more than end drug ads on TV his first day in office; what should his priorities be?

Mandates for counterproductive health policies must never return. Restrictions on what licensed drugs patients can access, in order to prolong the pandemic, herd people into expensive patented drugs (which pay NIH royalties) and dangerous vaccines (which also pay NIH royalties) needs to be called out for what it is: a series of coordinated crimes, in which government executive agencies in collusion with industry are the criminals. And many criminals have yet to be identified.

We need a profession of kinder, gentler healthcare workers, who think critically about what they are doing and whose only allegiance is to their patients.

The Nazi model of healthcare, where the industry and profession serves only the state, was resurrected for COVID. It must be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds—never to return again.

Bobby had the highest favorability rating of any declared presidential candidate on an Economist-YOU-Gov poll this week. The total of those who approved of him was 19% higher than those who disapproved. Those who thought our country was “off on the wrong track” totalled 62%. Only 25% thought the country was heading in the right direction.

Tune in Tuesday June 27 to see what Bobby can do to get us back on track!

Mr. Kennedy will meet with leading critics of prevailing health policy including Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Maureen McDonnell, Del Bigtree, Mikki Willis and others. Anticipate a lively give-and-take involving topics rarely addressed in mainstream policy conversations.

Mr. Kennedy is known for his controversial and courageous stand for truth and freedom from government overreach in health policy.

We invite you to join Mr. Kennedy and these health leaders to witness part of the process of formation of a new health system to reduce chronic disease, cut costs, and allow the people of this country to thrive.

Here’s how you can participate:

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  2. Join or create a local watch party

Please join this event to find out how we can transform America’s health and reduce the chronic health epidemics that plague this nation.

June 27th at 7:00PM EST

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One Response to “Enshrine informed consent and bodily autonomy – RFK Jnr”

  1. Belyi says:

    This is a really important step, but I would like to know where he stands on US foreign policy, because this is what concerns most of the world.