2 Responses to “English Villages Rapidly Being Flooded with Immigrants and Becoming Unrecognisable”

  1. Chris x says:

    The sheep will continue to vote Tory or Labour, both globalist controlled parties. The plan is to flood the West with third world migrants to destroy the culture, traditions and ethnic makeup of Europe and North America.

    It will take an economic depression to get the populations to wakeup from their bread and circuses. UK inflation is still 8.7%, net government debt is over 100% at £2.6 trillion and in May the government borrowed £20 billion or £10.7 billion more than the same month last year.

    Interest rates are likely to increase by 0.25 to 0.5% tomorrow.

    • ian says:

      I agree Chris, and if this doesn’t prove to the masses that the governments are puppets, then nothing will.