early report on russia’s military coup

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“Unidentified military forces” enter Rostov

Wagner has reportedly surrounded the Southern Military District Headquarters


The center of Rostov has been occupied by unidentified military forces, according to local media

There was a huge amount of uncertainty and confusion when I filed my frenzied 2AM report about Prigozhin going rogue.

Things are still very uncertain, strange, and weird. However, there appears to be some … clarity? For lack of a better term.

Local media has confirmed that “the center [of Rostov] was occupied by unidentified military forces.” It appears these unidentified but heavily armed men (who have tanks, etc.) have surrounded Russia’s Southern Military District Headquarters.

The latest from 161.ru:

The governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, urged Rostovites to stay at home for the second time overnight.

“In connection with the current situation, I ask you to refrain from traveling to the city center and, if possible, not to leave your homes,” the message on Golubev’s Telegram channel says.

The warning was posted at 5:51 am, two hours after a similar message. During this time, unidentified armored vehicles managed to enter the center of Rostov, and fighters in camouflage and with white armbands cordoned off the headquarters of the Southern Military District, the city administration and other buildings.

I have seen unconfirmed reports claiming that these camo-clad men have also surrounded or taken control of Rostov’s police department (on Budennovsky Street), as well as the city’s Ministry of Internal Affairs building, FSB outpost, and Administration office.

161.ru has a “live blog” of updates on the situation in Rostov, although I’m not sure if they are still updating it. RT is also maintaining a page with live updates about the Wagner vs. MOD/FSB cage fight. Just keep in mind that it’s RT.

I was scrolling through the comments on my emergency dispatch. Some of you suggested this whole thing was a Deep Fake theater production. Maybe? Look, it’s 2023, I am not going to wag my finger at anyone who questions the prevailing narrative.

But—in my humble opinion—there is more and more evidence that this is real, it is very serious, and things are probably going to get extremely weird.

What exactly is happening right now in Russia? I DON’T KNOW, FRIENDS. But something is up. In the hours/days ahead, it’s going to become very difficult to separate fact from fiction. I will do my best to relay accurate info to you, but please remember I am also human. Stay safe everyone, and if you have juicy Russia-related scoops, you know how to reach me.

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