Details of Russia NATO peace deal

As I’ve heard from the insider, there seems to be the peace deal in the making, as apparently the overlords want the Ukrainian war to be over before September, maybe even before July.
The last peace deal that Russia offered is upsetting, to put it mildly: leave Donbas to Ukraine as an autonomous region (after 8 yrs of genocide!) AND LEASE CRYMEA BACK FROM UKRAINE (🤯)
Which proves that powers in Kremlin care not about Russian people and Russian strategic interests (which would be taking back all of the Malorussia INCLUDING THE COAST OF BLACK SEA AND ITS PORTS, WHICH THE BRITISH FIXED UP AS THEIR NAVAL BASE). I am pretty sure that is not going to sit well with the people and respect for Putin would disappear, and it’s not going to go well for Russia at all😭
From Oleg Tzarev (Russian Parliament):
To summarize, the mood of the collective west is changing. The air is filled with the anticipation of making a deal. Today our government plane is flying to Washington, D.C. possibly to get our diplomats out. But possibly to make that Deal
Если подвести итог, настроение на западе меняется. В воздухе ожидание Большой сделки. А сегодня наш правительственный Ил-96 отправился в Вашингтон. Возможно, для того чтобы забрать наших дипломатов, но возможно и нет.

Ella Moss

TAP – They want to launch a climate emergency or a second pandemic and lock the world down.  You can’t run wars and lockdowns in tandem.

Funny how King Charles said at the time of his coronation that he wants everything to be ready for September before pushing on with the wold depopulation agenda – not his exact description of course but that’s what he means.

The Prigozhin rebellion clearly scared the main power source in the world.

It’s a pity the Russian Army didn’t rally behind Prigozhin despite having great sympathy and inner support for him.

If a civil war had broken out the cabal would have been thrown out of Russia, and Charles’ plans to decimate the human population thrown out of phase.

It’s a great pity Prigozhin failed.

The world is in great danger.