Day two of Wagner Uprising details

A full agreement was reached with a document signed by the Russian High Command and the Wagners bringing an end to the Wagner revolt.

Putin didn’t leave Moscow for St Petersburg, so clearly did not feel threatened personally.

Meanwhile a revolt started in Belarus going off at half cock revealing NATO’s plans to foment a revolt there against Lukashenka.

Quite a day.  Putin’s position must be strengthened overall, and hopefully the fifth column working in Moscow has had enough of a fright to lay low and not start a coup attempt there.

The Wagners have been rehired and are deployed north of Kharkov in Belgorod region.  They will be back in Moscow if the High Command tries any more cutting off of ammunition.

No one from Wagners was killed.  The Russians also redeployed the Chechens into the theatre, supposedly to battle with Wagners, but maybe all was a big game, says Dima.

I’m not so sure.  This was a real attempt to frighten the Russian High Command, and express genuine anger and frustration.

Victoria Nuland is always talking of a coup d’etat against Putin by a Moscow Fifth Column.  Putin can rest assured that his best troops the Wagners will be there the second any attempt is made by the Neocons to call their

traitors into action.  Gerasimov and Shoigu cannot have gained any kudos from the Wagner affair.  Surely at least one of them should be moved on to rebuild the faith of Russia’s armed forces in their high command.

Somehow I don’t feel we’v heard the last from Prigozhin, a true Russian patriot of growing popularity across Russia.  His opinion of the Russian High Command and bureaucracy is shared across the country, along with distrust

of a potential Fifth Column influenced by the Washington Neocons.

The Russian High Command could do with a few more such shocks and will no doubt receive such as time goes on.  Prigozhin will not willingly bow down to these traitors on his own side, and he wants the war won.

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