Dangerous Loon Ben Wallace Calls For Fast Tracked Ukraine NATO Membership

Whilst presiding over the cuts and dismemberment of UK armed forces and “gifting” britains stockpile of weapons to the US puppet regime in Kiev genius Ben Wallace calls for fast tracked NATO membership for Ukraine.

Ukraine NATO membership would result in conflict escalation and direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.  Warmongering loon Wallace and fellow moonwatcher James Cleverly call for provoking WW3, a war in which the UK would be quickly destroyed whilst serving the purpose of soaking up missile inventory that would otherwise be directed at our “special partner” the US.

Given the perillous state of Britains denuded defences only a bloody fool would persist in pulling the Russian bear’s tail.


Such is the state of affairs in the UK military that the head of the army has just quit. Clearly Wallace’s policies are America’s policies.

Head of British Army ‘quits after row at senior level over military cuts’
General Sir Patrick Sanders to step down days after criticising cutbacks in military spending

Gen Sir Patrick Sanders is said to be stepping down as head of the British Army just days after making a withering attack on cutbacks and outdated technology.

The Army is reportedly being slashed to 73,000 soldiers and faces further reductions while the Royal Navy and RAF get to maintain their numbers.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace described Sir Patrick as “a first class general” but added: “Senior officers come and go and that is the nature of our armed forces. The fight against Russia, through our support for Ukraine, has been carried out by a range of people and I don’t think that interrupting the normal scheme of things will make a difference…


Ben Wallace says Ukraine could ‘skip’ checks to join NATO as British defence secretary backs fast-tracking war-torn nation into alliance

The Defence Secretary has suggested that Ukraine could ‘skip’ some Nato membership checks to help fast-track the war-torn nation’s accession to the defensive alliance.

Ben Wallace said Sweden and Finland’s quick route to joining ‘opened a very fair question’ about whether Kyiv should be given the same treatment as it looks to beat back Russia’s invading forces.

But the Cabinet minister conceded that ‘other members have a different view’ and that, with consensus required around new members, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was unlikely to see a seat created for him around the Nato table at its summit in Vilnius next month.

The comments build on similar sentiments expressed by the Foreign Secretary last week at London’s Ukraine Recovery Conference, with James Cleverly arguing that Ukraine was already delivering on the action plan asked of it by Nato.

Senior Conservative MP Wallace was speaking alongside Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand at Canada House in central London after the pair engaged in bilateral meetings ahead of Canada Day on July 1.




8 Responses to “Dangerous Loon Ben Wallace Calls For Fast Tracked Ukraine NATO Membership”

  1. ian says:

    I don’t think that Ben Wallace decides anything. Just another compromised puppet doing the bidding of the families.

  2. Chris x says:

    The UK has 6 destroyers, 11 frigates and 2 aircraft carriers.

    In 1982, they had 14 destroyers, 53 frigates and 3 aircraft carriers.

    How about Wallace, Cleverly and Sunak being put on the Ukrainian frontline?

    • ian says:

      I think the stategy of using war might change Chris, if the big boys had to fight. They like to use poor white boys’n trailer park trash. They view the working class with absolute and total contempt.

      I can’t remember the exact words spoken by Richard II after Wat Tyler was murdered, and the peasant were sent on their way with promises of reform, but it went like this. I viewed the peasant as vile before this, but will view them as viler hereafter. Nothing changes.

      • ian says:

        I’d like to add, that I view myself as a peasant in their eyes. You may well not be. I mean no disrespect.

    • sovereigntea says:

      4 weeks training at Catterick then shipped out to the front Naked and painted bright blue and yellow to make them stand out thus encouraging snipers LOL
      Kiev Cheerleader and Lockdown fanboy Kier Starmer should be sent over the top

      • ian says:

        I’ll buy the video of that Sov’. Ben Wallace’s big fat arse with a blue cheek and a yellow one, with a bullseye in the middle. He’ll likely get shot in the back.