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Cut Prigozhin a break

From Ted Sails on TG –
“My view:
1. Battle hardened fighters on Polish border now.
2. No helicopters were shot down
3. No US sanctions on Wagner
4. Flushed out enemy sleepers in Wagner, in Russia, online.
5. Chechens in place for action.
6. Better defences around Moscow
7. Prighozin/Wagner are heros of Russia who deserve credit for Artemovsk.
8. Ok, so P couldn’t work with Shoigu anymore and he’s a drama queen. Cut him a break.”

via Russell Texas Bentley

Military Summary Channel says 12 Russian helicopters were shot down by Wagners, while Ukraine has failed to shoot any down for a. month.

The Wagners obviously hoped that other elements within Russia’s armed forces would join the mutiny, but they were not supported.

Putin had no choice but to slap them down, allowing his old friend Prigozhin an escape route, and re-hiring the Wagners who had no income in June.

Back to business as usual.  The Defense Ministry’s strategy of Divide And Rule has worked this time.

But if they pull more ammo cutting off stunts, or deliberately exposing defence lines, the Wagners have given notice that they will be ready to hit back at the traitors in Moscow’s Defence Ministry.Shoigu and Gerasimov: Masters of Putin's wars

Prigozhin is an old mate of Putin and would never threaten him, and the reports by normally good social commentators that Prigozhin was attempting to overthrow Putin are simple nonsense, Scott Ritter the most significant goofer.

Putin has been closely associated with Prigozhin’s business development history for decades and they have never fallen out.  (below Prigozhin’s contract to provide state dinners a nice example)