Cobra or Cob Ra?

Who Do They Serve?

It’s becoming pretty obvious now to any one with a brain that our “leaders” do not serve us. The truth is always in the language. Is Cobra the word for a snake or is is actually Cob Ra? Servants or serpents of Ra. Cob or Keb being serpent or servant and Ra being some type of “god”.

Whatever is coming is getting pretty close and allegiance lines are being drawn. Ra sounds like a guy who is not beneficial to the masses.

Be it Rishi Sunak, Joe Biden, John major, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Nouri al Maliki, Hosni Mubarak, Benjamin Netanyahu et all or or new kid on the block, Marianna Spring. They are slaves to a higher power. A deceitful and deceptive higher power who is lying to them. It won’t end well.

Compare and contrast people. Working this out is going to be a group effort.

In peace.


One Response to “Cobra or Cob Ra?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Who Do They Serve? Not US

    Proceed on that basis