Christian Church Apologizes for Featuring White Child on Cover of Calendar

The United Church of Christ is apologizing for their sin of not being anti-racist (aka anti-White) enough when designing their new calendar cover.

The United Church of Christ is apologizing for their sin of not being anti-racist (aka anti-White) enough when designing their new calendar cover.


The cover seems to be rather pro-DEI (anti-White), with a bunch of different cartoons sitting in a circle, holding hands, while the Bible passage tells you to love everyone as yourself. However, there’s a serious problem that was overlooked. Why the hell is that blonde child at the top of the circle? This is subtle insinuation that Whites reign supreme! How dare they!

United Church of Christ President Rev. John C. Dorhauer sent a letter to members, posting it on the church’s website, addressing the complaints and apologizing for the egregious oversight. He said the calendar “failed to live up to our commitments to be an antiracist body.”

From Fox News:

The 2024 desk calendar is currently being sold on the UCC website. The cover features a drawing of children and at least one adult with gray hair holding hands in a circle. Children of various skin colors are displayed in the graphic, but it appears some UCC members were upset that a White child with blonde hair was towards the top of the image.

Rev. Dorhauer suggested they should have rotated the image slightly so a more racially diverse person was at the top instead.

“It has been brought to my attention that a slight rotation of the cover image in either direction would more accurately reflect the racial equity we seek. I am grateful for such attention to the subtleties of racism and agree,” he wrote.

The UCC president thanked members who let him know about their “disappointment and outrage” over the calendar. He lamented the pervasiveness of “white privilege.”

White privilege is so pervasive that depictions of White children need to be carefully scrutinized so that they never occupy any kind of prominent position. Rev. Dorhauer continued:

“Seeing how the image on the cover is plainly focused on the blonde-haired person makes it clear to me that there are still ways in which the centering of whiteness remains instantiated in our language, our art and our culture. This is a reminder of the kind of diligence required to fully overcome the ravages of white privilege still embedded in our system, our psyche and our culture.”

“We will again remind ourselves and challenge ourselves to apply a level of diligence that will reduce the likelihood that this happens again. We will also review the processes we use to approve graphic designs before being published, building a network of accountability that will enable us to align more fully with our vision for and commitment to antiracism.”

The UCC and a number of other Christian denominations have been at the forefront in the fight against racismWhite people, and have also been aggressively pushing the rainbow of degeneracy, with the UCC hosting a number of drag shows to show their support for perversity.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

Christianity as a whole really has been quite effective at destroying any kind of racial solidarity White people once had. People need to get back to their roots, jettison the judaic God, and resist this genocide with every fiber of their being.

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