Chechens must realise that Prigozhin is right

Prigozhin is highly intelligent and courageous and a true patriot. The Wagners were not meant to win in Bakhmut when their ammo was cut, but they took Soledar salt mines and equipped themselves with Ukrainian arms stored there in huge quantities. The shell shortage was still bad but Surovikin stayed loyal and air power got them home despite heavy casualties.

Prigozhin knows Russia’s high command is penetrated. The Izyum collapse followed Gerasimov’s appointment above Surovikin. Shoigu cut off the Wagners’ shell supplies.

Putin will not survive Victoria Nuland’s coming coup d’etat using the Moscow Fifth Column if Priogozhin fails. He’s made it quite clear that Putin is not a target of the Wagners and Putin is trusted, as a true patriot. If Prigozhin succeeds, and Russia’s army backs him, Russia will win the war.

The High Command hopes the Chechens will finish the Wagners. If they do, Russia will be defeated, and the Neocons in Washington will triumph. Everyone should hope the Chechens are not so stupid and know which side to back.