British Hero Roger Waters Targeted For Cancellation By Israeli Mob

Roger Waters targeted in order to silence his vocal advocacy for Palestinians and daring to speak out against the activities of the sinister apartheid state responds to spurious claims of  “anti-semetism” .

Waters and the people of Palestine deserve our support.

Historical fact. Fanatical Israeli terrorists murdered and maimed thousands of our countrymen.

Israeli terrorists were even  caught plotting to drop bombs from the air onto the parliament This attempt was thwarted by French Intelligence.

PALESTINE 1945-1948 – Database of British Deaths

1946 British Embassy bombing – Rome

The bombing of the British Embassy at Porta Pia in Rome was a terrorist action[1] perpetrated by the Irgun that occurred on 31 October 1946. Two timed explosives encased in suitcases were planted by the Embassy’s front entrance; the resulting blast injured two people and damaged the building’s residential section beyond repair. The Irgun targeted the Embassy because they considered it an obstacle to illegal Jewish immigration into Mandatory Palestine.[2] One of the Irgun’s intended targets, ambassador Noel Charles, was away on leave during the attack. It was quickly determined that foreign militants from Mandatory Palestine were behind the attack and under pressure from Great Britain, the Italian police, Carabinieri and the Allied Police Force rounded up numerous members of the Betar organization, which had recruited militants from among the displaced refugees.[3] Confirming fears of the expansion of Jewish terrorism beyond Mandatory Palestine, the bombing of the Embassy was the first attack against British personnel by the Irgun on European soil.-Wikipedia

In World War II’s aftermath, MI5 turned to fight a new threat. It wasn’t the Soviets. It was bombers from Jerusalem.

As World War II came to a close, MI5 received a stream of intelligence reports warning that the Irgun and the Stern Gang were not just planning violence in the Mandate of Palestine, but were also plotting to launch attacks inside Britain. In April 1945 an urgent cable from MI5’s outfit in the Middle East, SIME, warned that Victory in Europe (VE-Day) would be a D-Day for Jewish terrorists in the Middle East. Then, in the spring and summer of 1946, coinciding with a sharp escalation of anti-British violence in Palestine, MI5 received apparently reliable reports from SIME that the Irgun and the Stern Gang were planning to send five terrorist “cells” to London, “to work on IRA lines.” To use their own words, the terrorists intended to “beat the dog in his own kennel.” The SIME reports were derived from the interrogation of captured Irgun and Stern Gang fighters, from local police agents in Palestine, and from liaisons with official Zionist political groups like the Jewish Agency. They stated that among the targets for assassination were Britain’s foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin, who was regarded as the main obstacle to the establishment of a Jewish state in the Middle East, and the prime minister himself. MI5’s new director-general, Sir Percy Sillitoe, was so alarmed that in August 1946 he personally briefed the prime minister on the situation, warning him that an assassination campaign in Britain had to be considered a real possibility, and that his own name was known to be on a Stern Gang hit list.

The Irgun and the Stern Gang’s wartime track record ensured that MI5 took these warnings seriously. In November 1944 the Stern Gang had assassinated the British minister for the Middle East, Lord Moyne, while he was returning to his rented villa after a luncheon engagement in Cairo. Moyne’s murder was followed by an escalation of violence in Palestine, with incidents against the British and Irgun and Stern Gang fighters being followed by bloody reprisals. In mid-June 1946, after the Irgun launched a wave of attacks, bombing five trains and 10 of the 11 bridges connecting Palestine to neighboring states, London’s restraint finally broke. British forces conducted mass arrests across Palestine (codenamed Operation Agatha), culminating on June 29 — a day known as “Black Sabbath” because it was a Saturday — with the detention of more than 2,700 Zionist leaders and minor officials, as well as officers of the official Jewish defense force (Haganah) and its crack commandos (Palmach). None of the important Irgun or Stern Gang leaders was caught in the dragnet, and its result was merely to goad them into even more violent counteractions. On July 22, the Irgun dealt a devastating blow, codenamed Operation Chick, to the heart of British rule in Palestine when it bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which housed the offices of British officialdom in the Mandate, as well as serving as the headquarters of the British Army in Palestine.

How Zionist Extremism Became British Spies’ Biggest Enemy


2 Responses to “British Hero Roger Waters Targeted For Cancellation By Israeli Mob”

  1. ian says:

    I really admire Roger Waters. Palestine is treated dreadfully and that more people don’t know about it, proves who controls the media. As mentioned by Solzyenitsin too. Re the fact that people are ganging up against him, always remember that the truth is not decided by majority vote. Kissinger once said that the truth doesn’t matter, only what’s perceived to be true, and that sums up the type of sneaky lying people you are dealing with. Like Bibi stating once that not a single Palestinian was harmed, and smiling as he said it. He knew that it wasn’t a single Palestinian and instead it was dozens. They’re oh so clever and oh so smug. Well done Roger.

  2. newensign says:

    What also should be said about the Stern Gang, 2 of them moved to Ireland and one became mayor of Dublin and later formed the IRA. By then, British Intelligence, the MI5 and MI6, had been compromised after Churchill sacked the then head of Intelligence and installed Victor Rothschild as head in his place, so while pretending to fight the IRA were secretly assisting it as part of their plan to break up the UK.