BREAKING: Cyber attack hits federal agencies; Hackers announce another attack they say will target Western banking system

Leo Hohmann – June 15, 2023

There is breaking news today, June 15, that several agencies of the U.S. federal government have been hit with a cyber attack, the extent of which is not yet known, while another attack targeting the Western financial system has been dangled out there by a group of hackers said to be affiliated with Russia.

This global cyberattack is reportedly exploiting a flaw in widely-used software used by “several U.S. federal government agencies.”

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) confirmed the attacks in a statement to CNN.

“CISA is providing support to several federal agencies that have experienced intrusions,” said Eric Goldstein, CISA’s Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity. “We are working urgently to understand impacts and ensure timely remediation.”

The officials have yet to confirm whether the recent string of intrusions may be related to a Russian-speaking ransomware group claiming responsibility for a string of cyberattacks that they say will occur by tomorrow, June 16, targeting the Western financial infrastructure.

Biden, when asked by a reporter about the cyber attack today against the federal agencies, refused to comment.

Several news outlets reported Wednesday evening and into Thursday that three notorious hacktivist groups, KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, declared a cyber war on the West targeting banks with membership in the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT). Russia was kicked out of the SWIFT system last year after its invasion of Ukraine as part of a slew of economic sanctions that have largely backfired on the West.

The three hacker groups declared their intention to unleash a massive cyber onslaught on the European banking system, threatening to bring it to its knees within “48 hours” (this threat as made Wednesday afternoon), the Russian online newspaper reported Wednesday. The hacker groups are claiming this will be a devastating cyber attack that shuts down the flow of money that is financing the military aid to Ukraine. (See below)

Klaus Schwab, the globalist/transhumanist founder of the World Economic Forum, announced last summer that a coming “major cyber attack” would strike the global banking and financial sector and it would cause repercussions so severe and be so disruptive to life on planet earth that it would make Covid look like “a small disturbance.” He and other globalists have compared this major cyber event to a “pandemic,” referring to it repeatedly at the Cyber Polygon event as a “cyber pandemic.” This means they envision it starting out small, and growing. If you read today’s CNN article, it sounds like that’s what’s in play, with various state governments reporting being hacked over the last “two weeks,” including the Georgia state university system and the governments of Illinois, Minnesota, and others. Corporations getting hacked over the last two weeks include Shell Oil, British Airways, the BBC and others. Is this the beginning of the “pandemic”? Again, it’s too soon to know for sure.

Watch Schwab explain in typical villain style below what he predicts for our future.

Also don’t forget the Cyber Polygon tabletop exercise that the WEF and major corporations participated in at a conference last year.

Is this current cyber attack against the U.S. federal agencies the first glancing blow in what becomes the “big one” predicted by Schwab and others last year? Or is it all hype and false warnings? I don’t know. It could be yet another false alarm meant to cause confusion, chaos and distraction. We will find out over the next couple of days.

It’s also possible that this is part one of a larger cyber event. First they hit the government agencies that people are dependent upon for monthly checks, healthcare, etc. Then they hit the banks 24 to 48 hours later.

But as Christians we don’t live in fear. We live in faith. As always, prepare for the worst while praying for the best. Pray for the Lord’s protection of his followers amidst the coming storm.

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