Blinken essentially shamed in China; Ukrainian offensive coming off the rails; Fantasy reporting by Telegraph.

China to Blinken – “Action not words”

China to build training facility in Cuba?

Biden speaking in Calif. Lots of talk from Neo-cons about tactical nukes and Russia; this is projection, meaning they are considering this as they do not have many options left – Biden hears all this chatter around him as he fades in and out, and then blurts out what he has been hearing. Worrying.

Neo cons still pushing for regime change in Belarus; training dissidents in Poland.

Ukraine promoting development of a new ‘green’ steel industry ( ties in with report by Mark Anderson on. UKColumn News )

UK media is the worst of the worst; has no shame; Telegraph reporting that Russian commanders are turning to drink to cope with the disappointment of the SMO. Coming to meetings drunk and morose…….

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