3 Responses to “Biden a Dictator?? Never!!! Unwell? The NYT Would Tell US!! Tucker Carlson Rips into the WH and Legacy Media”

  1. ian says:

    In the UK, Thames Television lost it’s broadcasting licence for showing a programme about an SAS hit squad who went to Gibraltar and killed some IRA folks. Telling uncomfortable truth is not permitted. I believe that Sue Lawley too, lost her job over allowing Maggie to be grilled over the Belgrano sinking. It must be difficult broadcasting. Giving the portrayal, the image that we live in a free and fair society, and being aware that we don’t, and in fact live in pseudo dictatorship fronted by puppets.

    • ian says:

      BTW, the reason I used the term IRA folks, is because, I can’t exactly remember how many there were, and I feel that one was a woman, however it was supposedly not necessary to bring them to trial, they just needed killed, but as we don’t do that “Of Course”, Thames TV was no more.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      It was called “Death on the Rock” and I remember it well. It showed clearly that the State would not hesitate to carry out extra judicial killings

      That program could not happen now. I can’t imagine that there is any less reluctance to carry out such killings nowadays either

      I didn’t realise the consequences at the time though. Makes sense what you say Ian. Still, I have little sympathy for Thames and Lawley. Sup with the devil and all….