Ben Wallace’s NATO / Ukraine Campaign Ends In Humiliating Failure

Ben Wallace’s toadying campaign to be enthroned as the next NATO big chief has ended in humiliating failure to achieve the objective. A theme continued on the battlefield at great expense in terms of machines, men and treasure.

Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive against Russian forces is “not meeting expectations on any front,” Western and US officials told CNN on Thursday. Ukrainian troops and armor are proving “vulnerable” to Russian minefields, missiles, and air power, they added.


Poor Ben had to admit a humiliating defeat on the NATO front earlier this week.

Is it high time Ben Wallace resigned ?


UK’s Ben Wallace: I won’t get NATO top job

UK defense secretary has pitched himself for the position in recent months.

“It’s not going to happen,” Wallace told The Economist in an interview published Wednesday night. The British defense chief has pitched himself for the NATO gig in recent months, with the U.K. at the forefront of providing Western support to Ukraine as it fights to fend off Russia’s full-scale invasion.

But Wallace told the magazine that the U.S. under President Joe Biden wanted current chief Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian who has been in post since 2014, to stay on in the role — deferring the decision on a successor until next year. Stoltenberg’s term has repeatedly been extended as the West coordinated its assistance to Ukraine in the wake of the Kremlin’s assault.

Some leaders of EU countries also have little appetite to hand the plum job to a Brit after Brexit, as POLITICO has previously reported.

“Maybe they want a prime minister,” Wallace said. Danish PM Mette Frederiksen — who met Biden in Washington earlier this month — has been mentioned regularly in diplomatic circles as a top candidate to succeed Stoltenberg.

In the interview, Wallace also conceded that French President Emmanuel Macron might be talking sense regarding European strategic autonomy.


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  1. ian says:

    Well he hasn’t got much going for him. He’s white for a start, probably hetero, I’m guessing, not obviously disabled, so no bonus points. Ass kissing is a plus, but no longer enough. He has bankrupted the UK, that was his job, end of.