BBC Storytelling Comes Undone Ukrainian MP Blows Dam Motive

Today’s big news the blown dam in Ukraine as presented by the fair and balanced BBC featuring Ukrainian MP  Oleksiy Goncharenko answering a leading question from the BBC interviewer at 10:57min.

Reassuringly at the beginning of the BBC’s footage they tell us that BBC Verify team will be examining all of the facts on our behalf and will at some point pronounce their judgement.  I’ll wager that’s “Putin Dunnit” shortly followed by “its a war crime” and “Zelensky needs more money and weapons”

So keen was the charming chap Oleksiy Goncharenko to  present the case for Russian barbarism he gave the game away asserting that the bridge was the single crossing and easily defended from the eastern bank by means of mining or using forces to secure the end of the bridge. In doing so eliminating the proclaimed Russian motive, to prevent the long awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive over said bridge.  Ooops !

The MP for Odessa surprising expressed concern for the civilian population on the Eastern bank which seems strange as his governments forces with their NATO helpers have been shelling, bombing and deploying missiles against that area for months.

The chap from the BBC also gave MP Oleksiy Goncharenko a free pass as he comically asserted the Russians were Nazis on more than one occasion.

The BBC chap also missed the opportunity to quiz our Ukrainian partner regarding repeated Ukrainian attacks on the nuclear power station that we will soon be told to fret over shortly after the MSM have rung the neck out of the dam-busters script and the fuss dies down.

A more objective news report from India. The exact key storytelling targets are met by the guest from the CFR at the end.

Putin did it to stop Ukraine invading by the only bridge over the river that could be easily defended or easily destroyed after the attacking Ukrainians had been allowed to cross the river in force leaving them and their equipment stranded with no lines of supply.

And so it goes…..




7 Responses to “BBC Storytelling Comes Undone Ukrainian MP Blows Dam Motive”

  1. ian says:

    It didn’t seem so to me S’. It seemed like a Russia Did It.

  2. Gordon says:

    If the BBC are making an analysis of the situation it’ll be like their weather forecasts, not often right and wrong again.

    • ian says:

      Even the Met Office Gordon. They’re messing with it so much, they rarely get it right. These cold night and hot dry days too don’t seem normal, and more contrived.