Ania K – Poland Waiting for Opportunity? Putin and the Spiritual War – Ania’s intuitive opinion

A generous offer to Ania from an American couple who understand….

Putin and Lukashenko were in Sochi for the last few days, where we are. You can always tell when someone big is here by the incredible security, I’ll leave it at that. The wife and I think along the same lines as you often mention. We’ve moved here from Northern California after the flight restrictions were somewhat loosened in mid 2021 after cov*d restrictions. We’ve been closely following the WEF, Davos and UN since 1998 and seeing the changes and how ‘they” are planning our future which is why we actually moved from the USA. Really bad stuff is coming and coming soon. Within a year, we think it will be too late for people to relocate to where they will feel safest. We think in the early years, Putin thought he could bring Russia into the fold of the EU and be a part of THE WEST. When Putin gave his famous 2007 speech in Munich, he already knew this was not in the possibility of options. From that point, we watched Putin and began talking to friends how we thought Putin was now a “Trojan Horse” within the World Leadership and waiting his timing and building Russia’s defenses to use as defense when the time came if needed. That time emerged after Biden and NATO spat in his face in mid and late 2021 and early 2022. If you would like to talk further Ania, we, Natasha and I have a spare bedroom and make an invitation if you would like to come visit us in Sochi. From our home it’s only a short eisurely walk of 15 minutes to the Black Sea.

“Once you understand that we are all eternal spiritual beings having a human experience then everything changes. Not even man made nukes can destroy our spiritual beings. I have faith in God because God is in control.”

“I believe good will prevail over this evil. I know God is with us and in control. Many civilizations have been in more distress than this and in much worse conditions. This is so sad and stressful. God hears us and will comfort us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t suffer. Humans have free will, so these monsters that rule over us, just might destroy us. God’s timing is always perfect, but not always on our timeline. I don’t say these things to be pessimistic but I do hope that those who believe can find comfort in God’s presence through these trying times because we might not be here to see the evil destroyed and God win. Live in peace and God’s love now because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Peace and love to all 🙏❤️”

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