All members of world government structures are Satanists

My reply to a friend on who actually rules this world:
I have done whole a lot of research on Rothschild’s mafia. It is structured like a corporation. I’ve heard 7 families are on the board of directors, but so far I figured only 2: Warburgs and DuPonts. My criteria: a very old money family with several subservient oligarchs. But there is also the real overlords, about 50 old money nobilities, with the British royals in the lead. This circle includes all remaining European royals and a few other families whose wealth goes back to at least 14th century.
Of them all only 2 families are Jewish to my knowledge: Rothschilds and Warburgs. ALL OF THEM ARE SATANISTS. They also require Satanism of all oligarchs and others near the money fountain. Their true army are the freemasons and muslim brotherhood. The generals of that army are the Illuminaties, whose founder was sponsored by Rothschilds. Illuminaties are Satanists.
As for operation structure, it’s the Russian nesting doll type.
For instance, Rothschilds->Rockefeller->Kissinger->K.Schwab->Trudeau is 1 such chain of command
Rothschilds have several chains. DuPonts->Fords->Bushes->Cheneys
I have not figured yet whom Warren Buffet belongs to yet, but Bill Gates is under him.
Jews are used by Rothschilds and Warburgs, and so Soros belongs to 1 of them. Most likely he belongs to Rothschilds, because he was ALLOWED to make his riches on British currency.
Rothschilds own American MIC (TAP – Military/Medical Industrial Complex) through Carlyle group and so they own everyone in DC who gets kickbacks from it like Lindsey Graham .
Rothschilds always operate in tandem with the British royals, the richest family on earth. British royals pay MI6 out of their own pocket. MI6, unlike any other intelligence network, is also a family business (children of the MI6 agents become the MI6 agents too). MI6 has the CIA, Mossad and the 5eyes under it.
The policies for socioeconomic engineering (the oligarchs’ job) are developed in British think tanks, most notable of which are the Round Table, the Pilgrim Society and the Tavistock. These policies are exported to America via the CFR (the daughter organization of the Round Table) and numerous Tavistock affiliates in America.
I am also sure that such exports exist in Europe, but so far I had no opportunity to research the EU.
Besides all that, there are numerous secret societies, like Skull and Bone. In America alone there are over 50 of them. They all originated in Europe, mostly the UK, and got exported here via British agents. You cannot get far in intelligence agencies or politics, if you are not a member. They all are manipulated from the City of London and the overlords’ circle.
Israel was the brain child of the Pilgrim Society, that also faked the “translation” of The Protocols of the Zion Elders, writing it on the basis of its own protocols (which I’ve read). So was the Soviet revolution, given the fact that Lenin and trotsky studied in the Pilgrim Society before getting sponsorship from Rothschilds and Rockefellers respectively. The only Jew on Dalfour committee was vehemently against the creation of Israel.
Natural antisemitism that has existed for centuries in numerous countries is seen as the perfect diversion of the people’s ire from the overlords and their mafia.
There are certainly Jews in Rothschilds’ mafia. Jews are very tribal and so are easy to manipulate. I strongly suspect that they like freemasons operate on the need to know basis. The only people who are aware fully of the plans of the overlords and their mafia are the illuminaties at the City of London and the oligarchs nearest in the chain of command.
Recently, however, I see more Indian names than Jewish names in important structures

Ella Moss

She also writes –

Copying here my reply to a friend on who is actually in charge of the world affairs:
Yana, I sincerely doubt Lenin was anything but a full blooded Russian. There are people who see everyone they don’t like as Jews.
You have to understand 2 things:
1. The City of London has specifically created Israel to fuel anti Semitism. I personally saw the proof that The Protocols of Zion Elders was written using the protocols of the Pilgrim Society as образец. Both lenin and Trotsky, btw, studied in that Pilgrim Society, which is a British think tank, funded by royals and the City of London.
Jews have been just such a convenient target of the populace’ ire, easily used to direct that ire from the overlords themselves.
Please note how even 911 is blamed by many on Jews, and the guy in charge of this psych op is British, and 100% MI6.
2. The internet is full of various psych ops, and the most popular one is the anti Zionist one. Even I was its victim for a few years
I understand that not everyone has my background in law and order to be able to study history as crime and figuring out who has ordered this crime.
But if you go over Russian history alone, starting with Ivan the Terrible, you would find British ears at every evil crux.
If you study German history, you would find the same.
In fact all global history for the past 500 yrs has the same orderer. The UK has not become the truly global empire per chance.
Like with Rasputin, the Brits rarely commit the crime themselves. They simply put the gun in the hands of whomever they manipulate.
Just like they manipulated Hitler, they now manipulate both America and China.
I have a relative who is a retired colonel of the СБУ.
He has told me that the mi6 was in Ukraine longer than the CIA, and the CIA takes cues from the mi6.
Right now it’s the Brits who want to continue and escalate the war in Ukraine and they lead America into it like the dog on the leash.
In fact, name a country, and I can show you the Brits behind its ills.
They will hide behind Jews or whomever. They don’t want to be pointed out as culprits.
But I also believe that the Brits themselves have been coupped by the City of London, and it’s Rothschilds not the royals who are actually in charge. But they are so tight, that it doesn’t even matter.

TAP – Ella Britain is not a country.   It is the amalgamation of four separate countries, all of which are merely colonies of the financiers who took over from the 1650s onwards.

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5 Responses to “All members of world government structures are Satanists”

  1. Gordon says:

    Very interesting Tap which only further qualifies that which I have believed for a long time which is everything stated in Bible prophesy regarding Gog and Magog is not as eschatologists would have us believe is Russia and China but points to the City of London whose mascots are indeed Gog and Magog. It’s the City of London, Gog and Magog that will start WWIII ending in the battle of Armageddon. As they say, there’s nothing that happens in the world without the City of London first knowing about it.

    Then there’s the Vatican where Pope Francis warns Vatican staff the Devil, an “Elegant Demon,” lurks among them!

  2. newensign says:

    The word Jew does not exist in the original Scriptures. It was written into the Scriptures by the Masorites i around 400AD, when at the same time removed the name of the creator and substituted titles such as God (giver of Domain) and Lord (BAAL) and possibly the name Jesus. His disciples referred to Him as Master. It was probably no coincidence that at this time Constantine was setting up an alternative church to gain control of the true church, and it so happened that one of Constantine’s names was Jesus! Belgium is mentioned, which was created by an act of Westminster following the treaty of London and became a secret colony of the City of London, being the spoils of Waterloo!. The Peuyseurs

    • Tapestry says:

      The hisorical name for the Jesus character is Izas. Jew in fact Ju is the Hebrew word for government. His disciples called him Nasi short for Nazarene – the sect he belonged to within the Essenes. Nazarus did not exist in the 1st century AD.

  3. newensign says:

    Computer crashed —- continued: The Peyseurs are another important secretive blood line from the Low Countries and France and former French colonies in North America – some say they are higher up than the Rothschilds. Satan in most cases is a translation of adversary in the original Hebrew – in other words literal devils in human form and as Christ said children of your father the Devil,

    • Tapestry says:

      Most believe that Saturn is the same word as Satan. Rome was the city of Saturn with the Saturnalia the year end festival similar to our Christmas. We still live within a Satanic empire to this day, disguised by many deceptions and name changes over centuries.