A Quick Method For Making Delicious Paleo-ketogenic Bread – Dr Myhill

Dr. Sarah Myhill is one of the leading doctors in the world when it comes to treating chronic illness. Her specialty is in the field of ME/CFS, but she has a wider interest in what each of us can do to get and stay, vibrantly healthy. With her co-author, Craig Robinson, she has written the PK Cookbook to provide anyone interested in achieving optimum health a clear process to eat their way to wellness.

In this piece, Dr. Myhill demonstrates for us the simple, quick steps required to bake her famous paleo-ketogenic loaf. She experimented for many months to find a method that worked, and that fatigued or ill patients could undertake with the minimum of effort.

The reason Dr. Myhill put a great deal of effort into this experimentation is because she knew that one of the hardest aspects of replacing the standard Western diet is the loss of bread. This versatile food source, so easily turned into a snack, is one food item that many of her patients have found the most challenging to leave behind.

So if you want to learn how anyone, even the most bakery-avoidance of us, can produce a fresh, healthy, and delicious loaf of bread in a few minutes, followed by an hour in the oven, watch this film. It may be one the kindest things you ever do for yourself.

To purchase the PK Cookbook, go to https://amzn.to/3d7nYU9

To learn more about Dr. Myhill’s work, please see https://drmyhill.co.uk




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3 Responses to “A Quick Method For Making Delicious Paleo-ketogenic Bread – Dr Myhill”

  1. ian says:

    I’ll try that, thanks D’.

  2. newensign says:

    Thanks Danceaway. I make my own bread so will give it a try.