A full speech of President Vladimir Putin translated to English by RT:

Glazyev writes:

When the NATO jackals’ offensive in Zaporozhye and Donbass crashed into a wall, a domestic rebellion reared its head.

Such coincidences do not happen by chance. The uprising is taking place at a time when the enemy is defeated and its masters are preparing to negotiate peace.

It is already clear to everyone that the AFU is doomed to defeat. On the battlefield there has been a turning point in our favour. Our support for and condemnation of US and NATO aggression is growing worldwide.

In the USA and the EU, the popularity of the politicians who waged war against us is falling. The enemy has no other chance to retain power except the organisation of a coup d’état in our country.

The action of the insurgents is really a stab in the back, as our President has rightly said. There is no doubt that the insurgency is coordinated and directed by the intelligence services of the USA, Britain and, possibly, one of the Middle Eastern countries.

It is likely that the rebellion was provoked by their agents of influence, who are preparing to take advantage of the situation to organise sedition and the subsequent destruction of Russia, as they did during the Great Troubles.

We are obliged to unite around the President of Russia V.V. Putin and to give a resolute counterattack to the enemy, external and internal.

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Southfront report


On June 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an address to the nation regarding the developing situation with PMC Wagner and its head Evgeny Prigozhin.

In a televised speech, the Russian President said that the attempted rebellion amounts to a betrayal of Russia and its people. Putin emphasized that the country’s law enforcement agencies will take decisive actions to restore order.

He noted that Russia is engaged in a historic struggle to safeguard its future while “repelling aggression from neo-Nazis and their masters”.

“We are fighting for the lives and safety of our people, for our sovereignty and independence. For the right to be and remain Russia,” Putin said urging Russians to put aside all the divisions that could be exploited by foreign adversaries.

“That’s why the actions that split our unity are, in fact, apostasy of our people, of our comrades-in-arms that right now fight on the frontline. This is a stab in the back to our country and our people.”

Putin added that “decisive actions” will be employed to stabilize the situation in Rostov-on-Don city where the main developments are now taking place. LINK

The president also appealed to those “who have been drawn into this criminal gamble by deceit or threats,” without naming Prigozhin in particular. Putin urged people involved in the situation to “make the only right choice and stop taking part in criminal actions.”

A full speech of President Vladimir Putin translated to English by RT:

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