Briefly, as a medical doctor, it is my opinion that deadly viral pandemics are not possible, and are likely a Big Pharma/globalist construct/fraud.

Additionally, the “gain of function” narrative which is being put about is likely false and is intended to bolster the story that deadly pandemics caused by viruses (given that one accepts that viruses exist), both man-made and naturally occurring, can occur, when that is not possible.

There was no pandemic in 2020, but perhaps more importantly there can be no pandemic of concern in the future.

Furthermore, just like the Covid-19 fraud, the Ukraine war, climate change, and the “trans nonsense” do not make any sense and are all driven by relentless propaganda/psychological torture and unprecedented censorship which foster dangerous cults.

It follows that we do not need any of their “measures” to control us in their endless fake emergencies.

Furthermore, it is possible that the whole world of virology, genomics, epidemiology and the tyranny of evidence-based medicine were deliberately constructed by our enemies so that the Trojan horse of Covid-19 could be used to kick start the process of imposing totalitarianism on us all, worldwide.

Their aim is to break “social bonds”, historical bonds, cultural bonds, by for example destroying the middle class (the defining feature of so-called democracies) and nation states and family hierarchies, so that people do not want to live any more and thereby die as per the mice in the Universe 25 experiment of the 1960s.

Some of our friends are leading people astray. It is difficult to be sure that they are not controlled opposition.

The people, in countries right across the world, urgently need to be educated about totalitarianism, and the many ways a descent into totalitarianism is being undertaken.

It is preferable to teach people that all the dangerous nonsenses on many different fronts which they are being fed now, and which they will be fed in the future, are manifestations of a dangerous descent into totalitarianism, from which there will be no return.

It is imperative that people fully understand the extreme seriousness of the situation which we are in.

We must fight against everything which looks like tyranny or which might lead to tyranny.

We must learn all we can about totalitarianism and inform our fellow human beings in language that everyone understands, and as quickly as possible.

We thought in our “civilised” Western “democracies”, comfortable and brainwashed as we were, that we would never be visited by a descent into totalitarianism, but we were wrong.

Full blown totalitarianism can and will come to us if we do not fight NOW against it in all its manifestations or preludes.

We were warned by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, but most people took no notice, because they thought that it did not apply to them or their countries. It does.


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Dr. Stephen Frost, prominent medical doctor, human rights activist and anti-war whistleblower. North Wales. Founder of  Doctors for Covid Ethics. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is from Stop World Control