41-Year-Old Model and Hollywood Actress Katerina Pavelek Ended Her Life at an Assisted Suicide Clinic in Basel, Switzerland on June 17, 2023, Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Injuries (ME, CFS, ALS)

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Los Angeles, CA – Katerina Pavelek, a Slovakian model and Hollywood actress, ended her life in a Swiss clinic this past weekend at the age of 41 (June 17, 2023) (Pegasos Swiss Association, Basel).

“Kat was an actress, so she also had to follow the vaccine requirements stipulated by the entertainment industry and unions if she wanted to be able to work. But then Kat became very sick. So sick that last week, she chose to end her life at a Swiss clinic specialized in assisted suicide.” (click here)

“This past weekend, Kat’s friends – many of them in entertainment – held a picnic and a last farewell for their actress friend on a beach in Malibu.” (click here)

In July 2021, Kat worked with Uma Thurman on a movie. COVID-19 vaccine mandates were not in place yet.

In late 2021, Kat worked on the Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie movie “Babylon” – was she required to be COVID-19 vaccinated to have a role in the movie?

Kat was an avid traveler, traveling to Hawaii in June/July 2021 and Greece in August 2021.

“The booster jab I received over a year ago destroyed my health, my body, and my life completely”

Kat would probably have received her COVID-19 mRNA vaccine booster shot in Los Angeles either in Dec. 2021 or early 2022.

What COVID-19 vaccine injuries did she suffer after the booster shot?

ME/CFS – Myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (click here) .

  • People with ME/CFS are often not able to do their usual activities. At times, ME/CFS may confine them to bed. People with ME/CFS have overwhelming fatigue that is not improved by rest.
  • ME/CFS changes people’s ability to do daily tasks, like taking a shower or preparing a meal.
  • ME/CFS often makes it hard to keep a job, go to school, and take part in family and social life.
  • At least one in four ME/CFS patients is bed- or house-bound for long periodsduring their illness.
  • In addition to fatigue, patients with ME/CFS also suffer from a variety of other symptoms including post-exertional malaise, cognitive impairment, musculoskeletal pain, sleep dysfunction, sore throats, lymphadenopathy, orthostatic intolerance, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

ALS of the lung – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (click here)

  • ALS is a neuromuscular disorder characterized by respiratory muscle weakness and a progressive decline in lung function
  • Death occurs within 3 to 5 years of onset, from respiratory complications

ME, CFS, ALS have been reported in “Long COVID”

Several studies have linked “long COVID” to ME/CFS, suggesting that the underlying cause of ME/CFS in patients with “long COVID” is an “aberrant and lasting immune response, possibly involving mast cells and microglia” (click here)

For ALS, there are studies that report accelerated ALS disease progression after COVID-19 infection with “rapid functional decline” (click here)

Nothing in the literature about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and either CFS or ALS.

Kat was gaslit by her doctors (meaning they didn’t believe her).

NSW, Australia – Melene Guevremont was injured by 3 Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, now has symptoms of ALS and is wheelchair bound.

Calgary, AB – Mark Staudinger had ME/CFS caused by reaction to COVID vaccination over a year and a half ago (click here).

My Take…

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause ALS? There is some anecdotal evidence that yes, it’s possible, but it’s rare. The mechanism is unknown but could be an aberrant immune (autoimmune?) response after COVID-19 vaccination.

There are some reports of ALS post COVID-19 vaccination in VAERS that are quite convincing for causation (1645371)(1893118)(1916790)(1955385)(1976763)

In Kat’s case, she may have developed ALS after COVID-19 vaccination, or she may have had ALS which was then accelerated by three COVID-19 vaccines with “rapid functional decline”. I don’t have enough information.

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause ME/CFS? It appears there is a much stronger connection here.

There is a very interesting association between EBV viral infection and ME/CFS. (click here)

Even more interesting, is the fact that COVID-19 vaccines cause reactivation of dormant viruses, especially EBV. (click here)

So COVID-19 vaccines may be causing ME/CFS directly through a dysfunctional immune response, or indirectly through viral re-activation of EBV, a virus that almost everyone has.


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