2 million children devoured annually for sex, blood and organ harvesting

Sound of Freedom/Maria Zeee & Ed Dowd/IceCube Lab/Dr. McCullough/and more

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July 4th is fast approaching. Have you bought your tickets to see The Sound of Freedom yet? Already have tickets? PAY IT FORWARD tickets? This movie is from Angel Studios (The Chosen). This is the true story of one mans fight to save children that have been trafficked for sex and organ harvesting. Jim Caveizel (The Passion of the Christ) is the star. There are 2 million children trafficked each year and their goal is to sell 2 million tickets before the opening on July 4th. I will be attending the first show on opening day in Bristol, VA. I also bought tickets and gave them to a friend. TICKETS

Maria Zeee & Ed Dowd on Infowars – Excess Deaths Rise in Millenials Following Covid Shot Push – you can best believe the insurance companies are being paid to keep quiet about the huge increase in death and disability claims. – 53 min. VIDEO

Whistleblower Claims Antarctica IceCube Laboratory has Energy Weapons that Can Cause Earthquakes – be sure to listen to whistleblower testimony. ARTICLE/VIDEO (7 min.) after the 5 minutes on IceCube there is a small bit as how and why they fluoridate our water supply.

The Hidden Healthcare Crisis SOS – don’t pass this by – 18 min. VIDEO

UN Attempts to Impose LGBT Orthodoxy on All Religions – In other words the UN has declared official war against Christianity using the mentally ill to do it. The UN is now and ALWAYS has been a front for global communism – ARTICLE

Girl Scouts Unveil ‘LGBTQ+ Pride’ Patches – Well here is one more to add to your list. Girls Scouts are work and making mandatory participation in gay pride month. ARTICLE If you would like to send a pre-written email see the information below.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to express concern to Girl Scouts officers, some directors and local affiliates regarding its merit patch that exposes young girls to LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

E-mails Show Walensky, Collins, and Fauci Knew mRNA Vaccine was Failing January, 2021 by Dr. Peter McCullough – ARTICLE



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  1. ian says:

    Stomach churning. That’s without any details, but when you hear the b4stards saying that you can sell them for sex 4 or 5 times a day, it would be awful for a grown woman never mind kids. Oh I can’t think about it.