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Thursday May 4, 2023 Truth Bomb

Cash Use Rises As Households Struggle To Cope With High Inflation – Let’s make CASH FRIDAY – CASH EVERY DAY – every time you pay with cash the credit card company/bank loses money. We could put them out of business if we stopped using our credit/debit cards – And maybe merchants would lower their prices a bit for customers that pay with cash??? ARTICLE

Alex Newman on OAN discussing the threats of the UN/WHO – the fact that most American have no idea about the Pandemic Treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations is why people need to shut off FOX, Newsmax and start watching OAN, Americas Voice News and Lindell TV (Brannon Howse, Alex Newman) Get a ROKU unit and stop watching the fake news – 12 min. VIDEO

Your Written Public Comments are Requested by Wednesday, May 10, 2023 by James Roguski – ARTICLE

Author of ‘The Limits to Growth’ promotes the genocide of 86% of the world’s population – The world IS NOT overpopulated. This is just another huge lie. It is over populated when you consider these sociopaths plan on sealing off 75% of all land to any human presence but too many people do not realize this little factoid. ARTICLE/VIDEO (8 min.)

Current events suggest Deagel’s Apocalyptic Depopulation Forecast for 2025 is not just an Estimation – ARTICLE (there is a slide show that automatically advances embedded in the article)

JP Morgan CEO wants to confiscate private property to force urgent investment in “green energy” – ARTICLE

North Carolina ProgreSSive University Hospitals training and offering Gender Treatments to Children at 2 Years of age. This is so sick it is beyond evil. We MUST stand up and speak out against this abuse of children. The issue is parents that are mentally ill and/or neglectful and the mentally ill children that are the product. The family has been destroyed which was also part of the plan. Any parent that thinks a 2 year old girl that says she is a boy is transgender is mentally ill. Children are curious. I loved boys clothes and playing football with the boys. I was a tomboy not a transgender. And there were boys in my neighborhood that played Ken and Barbie with me. They were not looked upon as being transgender. My daughter had a brother she insisted was a girl when she was she was about 3 years old. We are destroying our children and it is all by design. These children are the result of parents that push their children off to daycare and for someone else to raise and parents that are too wrapped up in themselves to be involved with their children. Pushing them off to their bedroom to create their reality on a computer, IPad, cell phone. They are lonely, feel unloved and unwanted even if they do not verbalize it. Providing meals and a roof is not being a parent. The medical establishment sees BILLIONS of dollars to be made from these children and our government sees an apportunity to drive in transhumanism and depopulation and the final assault on parental rights. But believe me when the plan is complete these people will be the first to be destroyed. They will be considered sick and weak and we all know what the Nazis did to people they perceived as sick and weak. Do not keep silent. We need to start SCREAMING about this no matter what names they call us. ARTICLE

Karen Bracken Truth

Thursday May 4, 2023 Truth Bomb