What happened to Toys R Us?

here’s another my reply to the long and interesting conversation:
capitalism is often confused with the financial system that actually parasitizing on the industrial capitalism.

Toys-R-Us is the perfect example of it: a hedge fund did a hostile took over of this perfectly healthy and viable company, then overleveraged it with debt, sold its assets, pocketed the money and filed for bankruptcy. This has been done for viable companies right and left. Stock market is a gambling pit. Banks make money by debt entrapment. This has nothing to do with actual capitalism which is industrial entrepreneurship. Karl Marx (and Lenin and Mao) was funded by the financier and the promoter of the modern financial system, which is the collapsing ponzi scheme and is about to be replaced by the same family at the top of the pyramid with the social credit vouchers. Marx did not account for all the risk the entrepreneur assumes and all his hard work, when he came up with his economic theory, ordered by his sponsor.

Because the industrial capitalism/ entrepreneurship is fully at mercy of the financial system, and because the financial system is structured as a pyramid, then the few families at the top can indeed direct all who are below, despite the natural competition and infighting below.

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  1. ian says:

    I got a very basic education. What do you mean it shows. Well ok it likely does, but you get no information at all about banking, or how the financial system works. It is to say the least, deliberately complicated. We, ie the plebs like me, were forced to get bank accounts by dear old Maggie. Up until then, few people I mixed with, had bank accounts. It was however part of the future plan. Now they have us by the rude bits.