Welome to the end of cash

I was just in Sweden trying to spend some Swedish cash I acquired there a few years ago, but I was told by the merchant that Sweden no longer accepts their own cash. She told me that I could try a bank for help. I went to the biggest bank and sought their help. The teller looked at me strangely as if I was trying to rob the bank, then went to talk with a more senior bank officer who told me that the bank cannot accept the Swedish currency. She told me I would need to contact the central bank in Stockholm, and they would charge me a fee of about 25% of the total face value and only deposit it into a Swedish bank account. I asked if there was a Forex in the area. She gave me directions, but when I arrived it was closed… permanently! In short, digital currency devaluates currency, while giving total control of your money to the central banks.

Bring back cash and tax free silver, the original currency of England, sterling silver.  A £ means a lb in weight of silver, traditionally a month’s pay, 16 ounces.  Back the Teds.  The English Democrats.  All free men carried weight of silver.  Only slaves had no ‘weight’ or pounds.  The Bank OF England wants us to become slaves once more, with no freedom allowed as regards control of money.