We will exterminate you.


We laughed at the Daleks on Dr Who, saying ‘we will exterminate you’.  Now the WHO sends us doctors whose sole purpose is to exterminate.

Jacob Nordangard/Dr. David Martin/

Tuesday May 23, 2023 Truth Bomb

Well just when you think you know what is going on you find out there is always a lot more to the story. This presentation by Jacob Nordangard will connect A LOT of dots. Especially how long this plan against the US and humanity has been in the works. When you understand the past you will clearly see they are now using the WHO to implement the final stage of their plan to depopulate and control mankind and not for the benefit of anything other than the criminals driving this plan forward. REFUSE TO COMPLY. 48 min. VIDEO

If you are interested in attending a ZOOM call today (Tuesday May 23, 2023) at 3pm Eastern to hear from Jacob Nordangard live and in person here is the link to the ZOOM meeting. I join these calls often and they are generally quite long but always informative. I have no idea how long this call is scheduled to last. LINK or you can call in using: 301 715 8592 Meeting ID: 935 211 8786 Passcode: 211230

Dr. David Martin: Corona Virus Is a Bioweapon and Greatest Crime Against Humanity in World History – 21 min. VIDEO

Fosun Pharma Conducted Human Safety Trials for Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccines in China. Guess How China Responded to the Data? by Karen Kingston – and this is a fact – ARTICLE

The Final Stage to a “One-World Government” Is Here: A Synchronized Introduction of CBDCs Worldwide – ARTICLE/VIDEO (7 MIN.)

Bill Gates ‘Blackmailed’ By Jeffrey Epstein Over Affair With Russian Bridge Player – ARTICLE

The WHO Gets Sponsored By Adidas And Nike For ‘Walk The Talk’ Pre Event to 76th WHA? Tyrants Tedros and Jacinda Look Like Gangsters In Their Matching Shoes And Jogging Attire. – talk with your pocket book. BOYCOTT Adidas and Nike. ARTICLE



One Response to “We will exterminate you.”

  1. ian says:

    It is practically a foregone conclusion. They’ll get their powers, and it’s only when they have the new laws behind them that they’ll be able to use the police and likely the UN against the population “legally”. It will be messy.