UK supplied Storm Shadow missiles raise tempo of the Ukraine war

We (the UK) should not be supplying weapons to Ukraine at all, as is the position of the English Democrats, let alone weapons that alter the strategic situation.

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UK-supplied missiles used to strike civilians in Lugansk – authorities

Kiev’s attack on the Donbass city involved two long-range Storm Shadow projectiles, a monitoring group has said

Ukraine’s military used UK-supplied long-range missiles to target civilians in the Russian city of Lugansk, resulting in several children being injured, according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense and local authorities.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said that a Ukrainian air strike on the Poly-pack food processing factory and the Milam home goods store in central Lugansk a day earlier had used Storm Shadow missiles. The attack came despite London’s assurances that those weapons would not be used to target civilian facilities, it claimed.

Storm Shadow missiles were successfully used to attack residential areas in the Lugansk region.  Russia responded with a massive strike at Ukrainian/NATO warehouses storing ammunition in Western Ukraine.  Short of ammo as a result Ukraine/NATO contemplates an attack on Transnistria where there are huge stockpiles of ammunition from the Soviet era.  Meanwhile the Ukrainian counteroffensive is only a few days old and there is a lot of cat and mouse manoeuvring going on both on the ground and in the media.  The Russian strategy of sitting in defensive positions in Donbas while Ukraine/NATO sends in wave after wave of attacks will probably continue working.  Russia uses the tactic of acting weak to encourage attacks then destroys the forces that are sent in, usually conceding ground willingly as part of this strategy.

The attacks by Ukraine into Russia, however, using SAS type commando attacks are proving successful derailing trains in Bryansk region,  temporarily capturing villages, and shooting down helicopters and fighters and bombers using stingers.  The tactics are explained by Duma in the below video.  See also –