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Turkey faces runoff election with Erdogan leading

Turkey is headed for a runoff vote after President Tayyip Erdogan led over his opposition rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu in Sunday’s election but fell short of an outright majority to extend his 20-year rule.

The second video is by a Georgian journalist in Moscow, who is very frank about the radical changes which will occur in Turkey’s foreign policy and relationship with Russia if a US puppet is installed, for instance, Turkey will not become the fuel hub which is being planned.

(Levan and his family had to seek asylum in Russia, and Levan is now seeking to rebuild his journalistic career which had to take a back seat for a time when they first became resident in Russia after traumatising events in Georgia. He explains this in one of his videos. Levan is another non-western English speaking voice in Moscow who is willing to share his opinions and views.)




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