Trump, De Santis & the Masonic Jewish (Right-Left) Tag Team – May 21, 2023

A pattern reminiscent of pre-war Germany has emerged in the US and Europe. 

There is an intensifying conflict between  Left” (globalism) and “Right,” (nationalism) which are each backed by a Masonic Jewish faction, Communism, and Zionism. In fact, these two are one. 

Trump threw the election to Communist-Jewish controlled Biden.   This is how false opposition works.

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By Henry Makow PhD

What is Donald Trump’s place in the big picture?

Trump Hitler make masonc sign. Click to enlarge

Trump is a Freemason and probably a crypto Jew. He is surrounded by Jews. The Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) goal is the reduction of the human race (goyim) to the status of domestic animals serving them. We see this emergent pattern in the gross disparities of wealth  in today’s world.

The Illuminati advance this agenda through mind control (mass media, education) and war. They can’t subjugate humanity alone; they need the goyim to destroy each other. 


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