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Total MSM **BLACKOUT** on predominant failure of combined PAC-3 (late model Patriot) & NASAMS shield over Kiev (w/ launchers located all over, including in public parks); past weekend saw multiple *Ukr air defense* missiles hit Kiev buildings & busy roads, as well as destruction of a large underground munitions store that was felt as a minor EARTHQUAKE in much of Kiev, together with likely destruction of more Patriot gear. We can assume China now has complete electromagnetic signature profile of PAC-3 radar & missile guidance at all stages of operation. “Big Counteroffensive” now on TOTAL HIATUS due to critically low Ukr munitions reserve; Many $$$ BILLIONS of foreign munitions destroyed in Russ strikes over last month. ***U.S. EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon buying weapons from Azerbaijan dictatorship for the Ukraine, now no longer pretending to hide it; at least one recent DIRECT arms flight from Baku to Germany***. UK “Storm Shadow” missiles have largely fizzled; Zaluzhny still not back to work; Russian side redeploys assault infantry (Wagner & Chechens) for next likely targets of Seversk (north Donetsk) and/or Kupiansk (east Kharkov); Russian regular army forces put final touches on Kupiansk prep by taking control of broad swath of Oskol River east bank over weekend. Hey, you win some, you lose some!


The Way Of All Ukrainian Counteroffensives (Please note, I was not precise, Kupiansk is less than half the size of Bock-moot. Also, Seversk is in north Donetsk but nonetheless somewhat removed from the Slaviansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration.) If you can….. …..give me some money….. …..or at least, follow me on Twitter. Uncle Dreizin Wants YOU! If you…


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