These Westminster fools are going to get us all killed.

‘Conflict is coming,’ UK defense secretary warns

Wallace is urging increased military spending and suggests Britain could be at war with Russia and China by the end of the decade

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned that the UK could enter a direct conflict with Russia and China in the next seven years and has called for an increase in military spending to counter the potential threat.

Speaking to the Financial Times on Friday, the official claimed that the world will be “a more dangerous, unstable place” by the end of the decade and that “defense will be more critical in our lives.” He explained that the world is seeing “the end of the abnormal period [of peace] post-cold war” and that “a conflict is coming with a range of adversaries around the world.”

Karen Bracken Truth

These mentally deranged political stooges are  going to get us all killed.  Quit the UK.  England must rise.  Join The Teds.