The Sumbarine Baking Flinger.

This may be my last post on Tap. If it is, I accept the decision. It is one of my odd poems, and is based on the mispronunciation of words like chimly, sumbarine mirrow etc. It contains STRONG LANGUAGE, so be aware. Henry, please feel free to reprimand and even ban me. That however is not my intention, and you may laugh at the poem or decide I need counselling.

The sumbarine Baking flinger .

He flang a pound of baking at the mirrow

while he stood on the sumbarine deck. 

There’s a nucular power stashing on the horizing

and the capting said wot the heck

We’re trying to reach the horizing  but it keeps on moving back, and stop flinging baking at the mirrow, you know the fuckin crack. 

The baking flinger went  all huffy, and stomped off below decks. 

The capting however followed him, and grabbed him by the kecks. 

Don’t stomp off from me he said quite loud, you baking hoying cunt

then he lifted up his foot and gave his nuts a right good punt. 

To the baking flinger’s credit,  and don’t be quick to scoff

he never even flinched ,cause his nuts had been shot off

He punched the capting in the belly, which caused him to go oof

He said I’ll get you fuckin back for that you baking hoying poof

Oh poof is it the flinger said, and punched him in the froat

there was some sudden activia  going on inside the boat

While you clowns were fighting , we nearly ran aground

 The first mate shouted loudly so they all would hear the sound.

That nucular power bit chimly is right down on the coast

If we ram that  great big fucker we’d soon be cooked to toast.

Hang right on there said the capting, was it not on the horizing

and that was where we wanted to be, at least that’s what I’m surmizing.

The capting though surmized quite wrong

and they crashed and burned and died, all except the baking flinger, it was his baking wot got fried. 




3 Responses to “The Sumbarine Baking Flinger.”

  1. ian says:


    • Gordon says:

      Na Ian you should be in the Lit-Phil Society.

      Kinda reminds me o the lad frae Cowdenbeef.

  2. webtrekker says:

    Mispronunciation? Sounds like the average forum or social media post to me! 😉