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The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 281 – Generational Heresy!


The Jesuit Vatican Shadow
Empire 281 – Generational Heresy! – 1:52:35


In this video i want to look at GENERATIONAL HERESY more closely. In other words, HOW do HERETICAL DOCTRINES get passed down and WHAT are the DYNAMICS involved in GENERATIONAL DECEPTION? It is absolutely IMPERATIVE to understand that YOU and I have NEVER lived in a Christian society! Most people have NEVER met a true Christian even after 50 years of church going. True “Spirit Filled” Christians are a rare ITEM! Just because there are Church buildings in every neighbourhood in most countries does NOT mean that they are Christian NOR that they TEACH the TRUE GOSPEL. You may ask, “WHAT do you mean by generational heresy” and it’s a fair question? First of all, the word HERESY in Greek is the word “Haíresis,” a feminine noun derived from hairéomai meaning to “personally select or choose” and which means properly, a personal and (decisive) choice. So what is meant by the word Heresy is the PERSONAL OPINION of someone as opposed to the DIRECT INSTRUCTION of the Bible. Learn more at: darknessisfalling.com How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! darknessisfalling.com/how-to-get-saved.html Following Jesus Christ & Counting the Cost! darknessisfalling.com/counting-the-cost.html The Holy Spirit darknessisfalling.com/the-holy-spirit.html The Roman Catholic “Mark Of The Beast” darknessisfalling.com/mark-of-the-beast.html The Jesuit Vatican New Age Deception darknessisfalling.com/the-jesuits-new-age-deception.html The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire Video Series – Eleven Pages – 293 Videos darknessisfalling.com/dif-jesuit-vatican-shadow-empire-video-series-225455.html Face Book – Darkness Is Falling Video Series facebook.com/william.boot.7 Rumble – Darkness Is Falling Video Series rumble.com/c/c-360625?page=5