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The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 280 – Whack A Mole!


The Jesuit Vatican Shadow
Empire 280 – Whack A Mole! – https://newtube.app/user/DarknessIsFalling/SQqK6PJ

In this video i want to do some revision and also provide an update on this current CV19 Medical Inquisition. I felt very strongly to do this and trust the Lord is guiding me. The question is, as always, “What is happening at the moment?” I never take it for granted that people KNOW what is happening as i am still being surprised at this late date by statements being made to me. Make sure you understand exactly what’s going on and who’s behind it. There is no excuse! There are now 100’s of videos in this series explaining the whole program for world control. Please take the time and go back and get yourself fully informed by watching a healthy selection of them. That’s your responsibility before God!