The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 279 – Avro


Expose on Avro Manhattan formerly known as Theopilo Maria Lucifero Gardini. “Let us strive to combine the calmness of reason with the fire of enthusiasm. Christ, who saw the germ of so many splendid truths, teaches us that in order “to make ourselves master of the strong man, his house and his goods, we must first bind him.” Let us, therefore, become perfect in the art of loading the proud and powerful with chains. Let us lay to heart this maxim as the rules of all our efforts: – one sole authority – that of Rome; one sole order -that of the Jesuits. And since our age does not boast of a single mind capable of aspiring to universal empire, for kings have enough to do to retain a hold upon their petty kingdoms which are slipping from their grasp, let it be ours to aim thus high, whilst empty heads are dreaming.” – Luigi Fortis, 20th Jesuit Superior General – from the book by Jacopo Leone, “The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan Of The Order” published 1848.