3 Responses to “The Eco-Crucifix”

  1. ian says:

    Here in Gretna Green area, we’re surrounded by these crucifixes. Cut down a forest to put up windmills which will do less for the planet than the trees.

  2. NPP says:

    I hate them. Every time I flew back to Stansted coming in over the channel, I could see these monstrosities in the sea.
    Ghastly things.
    Machines for morons.

    In the beginning, I saw one or two in e.g. Germany, and they looked surreal, interesting, even majestic. But now, they are everywhere and I hate them. ‘Green’ my arse.

    Solar panels in East Anglian green agricultural fields are just as bad. I hope the eco-fascists rot in hell.

    Windy Miller windmills are cool. I’d gladly live in one of those.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Odd number of blades work best, otherwise the wind pressure drives and resists, and needs more wind to work. See the videos from Missouri Wind on yt., which explain this better than I can. In the Mid-West, places like Missouri the average wind speed is over 20 mph and wind power is huge. Sweden is another country where wind power does very well. Planning laws ensure the Swedes tend to go for horizontal axis systems as these are lower in height getting around planning height restrictions, and work better with slower wind speeds than vertical axis. The Swedish system collapses the tower using hyraulic lift and brings the tower back down to the ground using a button push making servicing much easier/cheaper. Many are privately owned in both areas (Sweden and Missouri) and get people off the grid. They are more likely to be crucified by power cuts from centrally generated electricity, and power bills rising exponentially. The problem in the UK is that it’s all corporate with huge values being traded for solar/wind farms which sell shares at ludicrous values to people who don’t understand or care what they’re buying (called ethical shareholders/pension funds) making City suit-wearers instantly rich. In Scotland massive floating towers anchored to the sea bed are closing down the key fishing grounds.

    Solar farms are another form of central energy production, which only work when the sun shines and weather modification is increasingly cutting hours of sunshine. Home solar systems are mostly limited to 4 Kwh which is not much. The power companies permit higher amounts for homes only if they happen to have 3-phase supply. Only bigger homes/former businesses tend to have three phase supply. It is hard for most people to get permission for anything other than rooftop systems which are ‘permitted development’. Another good place for solar is car parks where roofs can be added over sections and can charge cars using solar power. Other waste ground can be adapted easily. And people could become independent from the grid. That is of course the last thing the corporations want.