5 Responses to “The Coronation Reviewed – Andrew Lawrence”

  1. ian says:

    Says what most people think.

  2. John says:

    Telling it like it is. Luckily I think the veil is lifting and the illusion dying. It wasn’t so much a coronation but more like a magical working. The question is what was the spell designed to do and when will it start to take effect?

    • danceaway says:

      Was the entire weekend an act of casting a spell on the people?

      The huge amount of preparation and numbers of people involved when considering all three days, has drawn thousands of people into a psyop that this new kind is a benevolent being in whom they should put their trust and faith.

      It is as if the behavioural insights team changed their approach from the ‘in your face’ style of the Olympics Opening Ceremony with the NHS beds to a more softly softly approach. There has been constant reference to a world wide audience. The concert was a PR sales pitch for Charles, reminding the world of all his good deeds throughout his life, with William slyly incorporating the climate message into his short tribute to his father. Then there is the insertion of the allegiance to Charles into the Coronation.

      We read from foreign visitors that life is more ‘normal’ here in the UK than in the US for example, where there is still a lot of masking amongst the population.

      It feels like this has all been an intentional move to soften the UK population up for the next onslaught, the climate lockdowns ( 15 minute cities ) and/or pandemic, when a population which has enjoyed a slight respite will be urged to comply with their new king who has shown them such care and compassion and is so concerned for their future; the allegiance trope plays into this. Obey your King! It is for your well-being and safety!!

      One can almost feel the whole thing playing out, and given the world wide publicity of this weekend, this is also a psyop on the rest of the world.

      Just some musings prompted by the events of the weekend and the feeling that it has all been deftly designed this way for a reason……

  3. Tapestry says:

    Charles is running the sustainability agenda, and has been running The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum at the UN for thirty years. The name was changed a few years ago to disguise his role in the depopulation agenda. He’s willing to appear in public backing the Great Reset which he and his cronies have developed over this time – including pandemics, lockdowns, food shortages, power supply interruptions and many other human-destroying strategies such as mass ‘medication’ = poisoning of healthy people. That’s the role of royalty after all to decide whether the plebs are required or not. The situation is clear enough. Under KC3 no one is required. Prepare to meet your doom.

    Ranchers Report Biggest Cattle Supply Drop In 40 Years As Shortages Hit Grocery Stores.
    Tens of thousands of ranchers are reporting the largest beef supply drop since 1962 as herds continue to shrink all across the country. The meat shortages we have been warned about for months are now hitting all major grocery stores, and consumers are seeing prices soar to levels last seen during the inflation peak of June 2022.

    • ian says:

      Indeed you are correct Tap. I think that the most disturbing thing, is the fact that the “normies”, are clueless. My brother who I spoke to about this, listened for a while then started quoting BBC and mainstream sources.We argued pleasantly, but I gave up trying. They can’t see it. I fear the worst and don’t have the chance to vote for English Democrats.