The 4 Mistakes People Make with Drinking Lemon Water (and Juice) – Dr Berg

Top potential benefits of lemons and limes:

• They can help reduce kidney stones

• They’re high in vitamin C and may help reduce the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency and scurvy

• They have an antihistamine effect

• They have anti-fungal properties

• They can help reduce uric acid

• They can help increase iron absorption

Top mistakes people make when consuming lemon juice:

1. Drinking it right before a meal

What to do:

• Consume lemon water at least a half hour before you eat.

2. Not diluting it with water and not using a straw

What to do:

• Dilute your lemon juice with water and drink it through a straw.

3. Drinking it if you have an ulcer or gastritis

What to do:

• Lemon water will cause a burning sensation in this situation. Avoid anything acidic if you have an ulcer or inflammation in the stomach.

4. Drinking it if you have alkalosis

What to do:

• Lemon juice can worsen the symptoms of alkalosis and should be avoided in this situation.