Stage Four Cancer affects our military – Gen MacGregor interviewed by Trump Jnr

TAP – This video suggests to me the US will lose the war with Russia and China, over time.

Same in the UK.  We need to clear the Westminster swamp.

Britex must follow Brexit.  England must go for full independence from the UK.  The UK is the most sold out country to world government in the world.  Get the hell out of it.  England was and is the first colony of the British Empire.   The English are the most controlled and  conditioned people on earth.  We will never see any future other than mass depopulation as the bankers eliminate us – their useful idiots, and seize our assets.

People are waking up, and they are looking for the exit.

Britex is the way to go, and Robin Tilbrook of The Teds will deliver it.

We’ll take the £ with us when we go.  Central Bankers want us locked in Britcoin with no access to cash.

We will have access to cash by removing all taxes from silver, which is available to become the currency it always was.  Later we will permit promissory documents based on weight of silver as paper money originally claimed it was and would remain.  Strangely British banknotes still carry the words of the original promise to ‘pay the bearer on demand the sum of £10 etc.’

There will never be a substitute for people owning weight of silver.

This is the emblem of English independence, the unit of currency meaning 1 lb in weight of silver – Badge and silver hallmarked single ounces available from June at

In the BRICS, 81 countries are meeting in St Petersburg in a few months time, talking of a currency based on gold.  Gold still needs paper to work as it’s too high in value to be safely portable in your pocket or purse.  Liberty requires weight of silver in your pocket and stored safely at home.  I have ways to do this (store) but will talk about that aspect in later posts.  Gold requires bankers all the time.  Silver doesn’t.  Set the English free with silver – the sterling silver currency we lost when the bankers conned us into walking round with paper promises.